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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Un Samayal Araiyil - Songs (dts 5.1)

Movie Name: Un Samayal Arayil
Cast: Prakash Raj, Sneha, Urvashi
Music: Ilayaraja
Lyrics: Palani Bharathi
Direction: Prakash raj
Produced By: Prakash Raj
Released On: 06.06.2014

01 Indha Porapudhan - 20MB, 03Min 36Sec
Kailash Kher

02 Eeramai Eeramai - 29MB, 05Min 19Sec
Vaibaravi, Ranjith

03 Therintho Theriyamalo - 06MB, 01Min 08Sec
Karthik, Ramya NSK

04 Therintho - 20MB, 03Min 40Sec

05 Kaatru Veliyil - 18MB, 03Min 22Sec

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mundasupatti - Songs (dts 5.1)

Movie Name: Mundasupatti
Cast: Vishnu, Nandita, Kaali Venkat
Music: Sean Roldan
Lyrics: Muthamil
Direction: Ram
Produced By: C.V.Kumar
Released On: 13.06.2014


codec: dts
channels: 3F/2R
sample rate: 48000Hz
Bit rate: 768 kbps

01 Uchiylae Udhichavane - 08MB, 01Min 28Sec
Vivek Narayan

02 Idhu Enna - 05MB, 01Min 04Sec
Haricharan, Kalyani

03 Rasa Magarasa - 13MB, 02Min 25Sec
Rita, Anthony Dasan, Sean Roldan

04 Killadi Oruthan - 15MB, 02Min 48Sec
Anthony Dasan

05 Kadhal Kanave - 21MB, 03Min 49Sec
Pradeep Kumar, Kalyani Nair